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En del af ICF’s filosofi er, at coachen hele tiden skal efteruddanne sig. Det giver vi mulighed for lokalt, og der findes masser af muligheder internationalt.

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6 Conditions: The Science and Art of Great Teams

2. juni kl. 16:00 - 17:00

ICF Danmarks medlemmer har fået en invitation til at deltage i et ICF Finland webinar med David Clutterbuck. Herunder kan du se deres invitation. Webinaret er gratis for medlemmer af ICF Danmark.

We would very much like your members to join us in ICF Finland for the webinars with David Clutterbuck and Ruth Wageman. We are unfortunately not able to provide CCEU certificates for them through this registration process. (More on that at the end).

6 Conditions: The Science and Art of Great Teams

The 6 Conditions framework was developed by Harvard scholars Ruth Wageman and Richard Hackman and their colleagues and students.  The framework characterizes the most powerful influences on team effectiveness that can be deliberately designed or put in place by teams or team leaders.  In this interactive webinar, Ruth Wageman will show how the 6 Conditions framework has been used to develop brilliant collaborations, we will apply the framework to teams you care about, explore how the 6 Conditions approach is distinct from process coaching and other traditional approaches to developing teams, and explore how it can serve as scaffolding for team development professionals to bring their considerable art to the science of team effectiveness.

Ruth Wageman will speak on Wednesday, the 2.6 2021 at 17:00 Helsinki time (16:00 DANSK TID)
To register for this webinar go to:



If you would very, very much like to have a CCEU certificate for these webinars you can sign up for the webinars through the platform that we use to manage all our events and information for members (and where the creation of the CCEU certificates is automated):

This link should lead straight to the program called  ICF FINLAND WEBINARS IN ENGLISH – FOR NON-MEMBERS.

Then you open that up and there find the webinars and click that you will attend. You’ll probably need to create a basic account to be able to receive the certificate.  You might want to test it out yourself before recommending it since it requires more steps.


2. juni
16:00 - 17:00