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Nørderiet Special: Do what really matters by bringing the team members together

2. september 2020 kl. 14:00 - 15:15

 – challenges for coaching towards the new normal

A “lunch-i-nar” with Anita Edvinsson, ACC

Who are you as a manager or a leader? How well are you equipped for the changes that always needs to be made? How are you, how is your company or organization doing, and how can you contribute to move in the right direction?

Peoples’ workload has increased significantly in recent years. Workplaces have become more complex, while the world’s demands for speed and quality have increased. Now, facing the Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing new challenges while creating the new normal. More than ever, strong, and conscious managers and leaders are needed, who with courage and clarity can create a culture of awareness in the organizations.

Research defines coaching as “a helping and facilitative process that enables individuals, groups/teams and organizations to acquire new skills, to improve existing skills, competence and performance, and to enhance their personal effectiveness or personal development or personal growth.”

2008 Google began a 10-year long research into what makes a great manager, code-named Project Oxygen. The result presented a set of 10 behaviors of excellent leaders.

The first is being a good coach, the second is the ability to empower people, and the third is the ability to create an inclusive team environment. According to Peter Hawkins, the art of coaching must change as the leadership must change, focusing to bring value to the stakeholders, through and beyond individuals.

In this “Lunch-i-nar” Anita Edvinsson, based on her book FrĂĄn ekorrhjul till pariserhjul, medvetet ledarskap för medvetna organisationer, will share with you some valuable insights and a tool to better understand these issues and create better harmony for yourself, your organization, and your employees.

About Anita Edvinsson

Anita is founder and owner of Aurata, is a consultant, ICF accredited coach, Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach, and author published at Liber, Komlitt and Business Expert Press.

She is a frequent hired lecturer and educator with a focus on leadership, change management, business development, management systems, and patient safety. She is also active as trainer in Conscious Leadership and Art Based Coaching.


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2. september 2020
14:00 - 15:15
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